• Some shit dey got in Lansing. Dem kids got the bloody shits from eatin at dem skuls. Folks der wont talk bout it do. De baktearuh causes [shigellosis], which is bad shit.

    Shigella meaning & definition 1 of Shigella.

  • When referring to your best girlfriend, your [partner in crime], the one gal who understands you and all you have to offer in that [chum chum] you ma [sista] kinda way!

    Shigella meaning & definition 2 of Shigella.

  • A bacterium that is an intestinal pathogen of humans and other primates, some kinds of which cause dysentery.

    Shigella meaning & definition 3 of Shigella.

  • a type of bacteria that can cause vomiting and diarrhoea

    Shigella meaning & definition 4 of Shigella.

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