• A [WW2] Vetrin that used to be a seaman and sang for the [glee] club way before those turds on [FOX]. He is wheelchair-bound and a little tin-eared (from a [bomb] that blew up next to him in dubyadubyatwo). He is an avid boater and duck hunter and employs a funny little [Mexican] kid named [Pico] to help him pick daisies and fix the gawd-damned tay-vay.
    If you aint got a good deal on a 52 Hatteras, Kissel dont like dat and his wife dont like dem prices!

    Kissel meaning & definition 1 of Kissel.

  • A regrettable action of [despair] and [stupidity] brought on by a massive [coke binge].

    Kissel meaning & definition 2 of Kissel.

    1. A substitution of words to the song A [Bushel] and a [Peck] from Guys and [Dolls]. Only used when one does not know the words to the song.

    2. A british man that comes to New York and cant get rid of his accent.

    3. A british pie that is usually used to be thrown in the face.

    4. A fancy way to say kiss.

    Kissel meaning & definition 3 of Kissel.

  • Someone who got all [As] in [high school] and [college]

    Kissel meaning & definition 4 of Kissel.

  • A Russian dessert made from fruit juice or puree boiled with sugar and water and thickened with potato or cornflour.

    Kissel meaning & definition 5 of Kissel.

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