• To get so high smoking [hash] that walking feels like wading through soup.

    Soupy meaning & definition 1 of Soupy.

    1. Excessively [awesome]. A [corruption] of [cool and sweet].

    Soupy meaning & definition 2 of Soupy.

  • Refers to the [warm] [wetness] of the female [vagina]

    Soupy meaning & definition 3 of Soupy.

  • an adjective used to describe anything. meaning varies with [tone] and [facial] expression. [not to be] confused with soupy, the adjective used to describe something soup-like.

    Soupy meaning & definition 4 of Soupy.

  • [Being high], [just not] [baked].

    Soupy meaning & definition 5 of Soupy.

  • A soupy is a man or woman who has a poor [capacity] for alcohol. Also a [substitute] for the word crap or [shite].

    Soupy meaning & definition 6 of Soupy.

  • Describes [baggy] clothing of a [pea] green or [khaki] color that doesnt fit correctly. So big youre swimming in it. Usually used to describe a shirt or sweater.

    Soupy meaning & definition 7 of Soupy.

  • When you shotgun the same bong hit back and forth. So named because the hit feels like shit, and you are ([two girls one cup] style) vomiting it back and forth. The vomit feels like [chunky soup]. Thus, youre keeping it soupy.
    [Widdly scuds]?

    Soupy meaning & definition 8 of Soupy.

  • Having the appearance or consistency of soup.

    Soupy meaning & definition 9 of Soupy.

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