• 60 above zero:
    Floridians turn on the heat.
    People in Minnesota plant gardens.

    50 above zero:
    Californians shiver uncontrollably.
    People in Duluth sunbathe.

    40 above zero:

    Minnesota meaning & definition 1 of Minnesota.

  • People:
    Nice. [Minnesotans] are nicer if you went to highschool/college with them. Out-of-staters dont do so well. To be really accepted, you have to be from here.
    ITS COLD. Somehow, the cold in MN will freeze the [marrow] in your bones. You will wonder why the HELL you live here every morning.
    Minnesotans pride themselves that it only gets cold here when it hits negative temperatures. We get excited when it gets above freezing.
    Best summer in the world. Lakes, flawless temperature, sunny. Birds singing and [blue skies]. Ice cream and popcorn at Lake Harriet. Canoeing in the Boundary Waters. Going to the cabin. Life is really good.
    Spring/Fall: Normal.
    We know how to have a good time. We arent all about [ice fishing]. We can have raging parties. Come to MN, make the right friends, and enjoy.
    We also have the Mall of America, which kinda spoils us.
    The Twin Cities=AWESOME. You want metropolitan, cool, and all the amenities of a Chicago/New York City without the stress. Minneapolis. Urban shops, cool boutiques, weird hole-in-the-walls, amazing band venues.
    More artsy, alternative? [St. Paul]. Rich in history and art, all [the hipsters] love St. Paul.
    Overall, our sports teams are OK. Our biggest asset is the Vikings, which as of 2011, sucked, but [Vikes] fans bleed gold and purple. We are the best fans in the world.

    Minnesota meaning & definition 2 of Minnesota.

  • Our [governor] used to be [able] to [beat up] your governor. bitch.

    Minnesota meaning & definition 3 of Minnesota.

  • [the land] of 3 seasons, [winter], summer, and [road construction].

    Minnesota meaning & definition 4 of Minnesota.

  • Land of 10,000 Lakes and [475],947,[540],[594],750 Mosquitos.

    We do NOT sound like the poeple in Fargo. In fact, we [Minnesotans] laugh at your stupidity for thinking so. Im beginning to wonder if ANY of you have ever talked to a REAL [Minnesotan]. But, we do have a slight accent. And [theres nothing wrong with that].

    Were not conservative hicks. Some are conservative, some are liberal and some just dont really care.

    We have [Mall Of America], baby! Its huge and theyre going to extend it further. Its really great there, check it out!
    Interesting little facts:

    If a shopper spent 10 minutes browsing at every store, it would take them more than 86 hours to complete their visit to [Mall of America].
    Seven Yankee Stadiums can fit inside Mall of America.

    Ahem, we have [FOUR seasons]. If youve been to Minnesota, for a FULL year- then you would know this. If not, dont even open your stupid a** mouth. And our Summer ranges from 70-115 degrees, dumb a**es!

    People in Minnesota say pop, not coke or soda. Get the f*** over it! Soda is acceptable. Coke is just retarded, Coke is a KIND of pop/soda. Yeah, Id like a Coke Person brings Coca-Cola WTF IS THIS?!!?!?! I DIDNT MEAN A COKE COKE, I MEANT A MOUNTAIN DEW COKE. Pshh, yeahhh.

    People in Minnesota do NOT brag about us being the best state, because we usually dont think that. Wed only think it if we traveled to EVERY state and felt Minnesota was better for us. Cough People boasting about their state being #1 is pathetic, Im PRETTY SURE 99% of them havent been to EVERY state the U.S.A offers.

    The Minnesota [Long Goodbye]. I hate it, but its true. A Minnesotan will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or so just to say goodbye. If you come to Minnesota, be prepared for it.

    We have severe road rage, but we do not drive like the idiots in Texas.

    Fresh air, trees, beautiful scenery = Minnesota.

    Everyone in the bigger states think they are THE BEST. Well, sure. You have the highest crime rates. Congrats! Youre kid isnt safe at the park, in school or any other public place for that matter. Atleast in Minnesota, we can walk around and NOT get shot at. I love living with no fear.

    Overall, Minnesota is an upbeat state. It isnt given enough credit, because everyone choses to hate on it. I personally think its Wisconsin and Iowa giving us a bad name.

    Minnesota meaning & definition 5 of Minnesota.

    1. State...ass
    2. [Hell of a lot] better than Wisconsin, but then again Wisconsin is better than Mighigan (Detroit is a [Minneapolis] wannabe)
    3. California shopping my ass, we have the biggest mall in the country...suck it
    4. Nice people
    5. Better weather
    6. Best schools ([No really], best rated)

    Minnesota meaning & definition 6 of Minnesota.

  • *The state of hockey.
    *Home to Hockey town,usa (not to be confused with the fake hockey town,usa detroit...detroit is a city..not a town fawkers)
    *land of 10,000 lakes
    *[minnesota nice]...unless of course you are driving
    *We do not say eh...thats canada
    *[as] and [os] are pronounced differently than everyone else....

    Minnesota meaning & definition 7 of Minnesota.

  • Minnesota: an upper MidWest state, populated by Nordic descendants (hence the Vikings NFL team) and Native Americans. Located on the edge of the flat and seemingly endless praire, the state gets blast-chilled by polar winds for most of the year. The bulk of the people live in the Twin Cities (hence the MN Twins MLB team) and the surrounding cookie-cutter sprawl, while the rest of the state is scattered with God-forsaken iron mining towns (up north) or small, Lutheranesque farming communities that produce wheat and [soybeans], which later get moved around by unsightly, rectangular barges down the Mississippi river or shipped to far-away places from the Duluth harbor. The state is characterized by high taxes, high welfare levels (possibly Scandinavian influences), strong economy (scores of large co.s are HQed here, incl. Gen Mills that made the cereal you are for breakfast, 3M that made your [lint roller], Medtronic that made [your grandpas] [pacemaker], Hormel that makes the Spam you grew up on, Polaris that made your uncle [Duffys] snowmobile, Target, whose repulsive target-eye dog seems to be everywhere, etc.), changing demographics (growing Latino, Somali and Hmong enclaves), changing politics (a pronounced shift to the right). Vacationing generally means goin to the cabin up Nort for fishing and boating, while the winter is spent is super-luxurious ice fishing shacks with TVs and bunk beds, drinking the local [Grain Belt beer]. The people are overall Minnesotah-nice, meaning that anything that they disapprove of is [glossed] over as oh, thats different. The states public radio service (recently renamed AMerican Public Media) produces some of the most popular national programs, such as Prairie Home Companion, Marketplace, Speaking of Faith, [St Paul] Sunday, Futuretense, etc. Quite a feat for a semi-frozen [swath] of land that has about 5 mil people in it.

    Minnesota meaning & definition 8 of Minnesota.

  • Has been voted the cleanest state, very good education.The [Xcel] center was voted the best in the states. We have the largest mall(that STILL doesnt have a lacoste store) And of course, the state of hockey. I believe [wayzata] has the largest youth hockey association in the country. forgive me if i am wrong. And [Minnesotan] residents really dont have crazy weird accents like people think.

    Minnesota meaning & definition 9 of Minnesota.

  • A state in the northern central US, on the Canadian border; population 5,220,393 (est. 2008); capital, St Paul. It became the 32nd state of the US in 1858.

    Minnesota meaning & definition 10 of Minnesota.

  • A land of many things. Depending where you are at. Lots of alcoholics and snow. However there is also lots of [nice people] and sun. Land of [lakes] and land of [mosquitoes]. Land of people who are smart and are dumb. But where ever you are in Minnesota you can most of the time have fun.

    Minnesota meaning & definition 11 of Minnesota.

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