• noun: a threesome. Technically a threesome of any kind, but more recently it has been used in a sexual manner.

    Troika meaning & definition 1 of Troika.

  • In the [sovereign debt] crisis, beginning approximately in 2009, in the European region which uses the Euro as currency, three institutions, the European Central Bank ([ECB]), the European Commission (EC), and the [International Monetary Fund] (IMF) have taken the responsibility of monitoring the crisis and making policy recommendations. Collectively, these three are, sometimes irreverently, called the Troika.

    Troika meaning & definition 2 of Troika.

  • A mounted [turret] in any [FPS game], such as [Gears of War], and Call of Duty.

    Troika meaning & definition 3 of Troika.

  • A Russian vehicle pulled by a team of three horses abreast.

    Troika meaning & definition 4 of Troika.

  • Troika is the essential wealth management software for family offices, private client practitioners and offshore trusts companies. A software product by thewealthworks

    Troika meaning & definition 5 of Troika.

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