• The birthplace of the western world.

    Greece meaning & definition 1 of Greece.

  • Beautiful country with moutains and [seas]. Also with [crazy people] who dont know how to drive. Country with no [drinking age].

    Greece meaning & definition 2 of Greece.

  • Place where only [gambling] games (like [slot machines]) were banned cuz they were open to everyone. video games are still allowed there. [Greece] is paradise, not a freakin nazi camp.

    Greece meaning & definition 3 of Greece.

  • the absoloute best place in the entire world. also, the best place to spend your summer. where it dosnt matter if youre [10 years] old, you can still get wasted. where you go [clubbing] every fucking night and hook up with the [HOTTEST girls] and guys. its amazing.

    Greece meaning & definition 4 of Greece.

  • Lovely country with great beaches, ladies and of course the occasional alcohol beverage.
    Becoming well known to be greatest [inventors] of all time with inventions such as [democracy], [maths], science, medicine and other amazing things

    Greece meaning & definition 5 of Greece.

  • greece is [amazin] , i love greece , the [hottest] women on [earth] come from greece,

    Greece meaning & definition 6 of Greece.

  • A country of southeast Europe on the southern Balkan Peninsula and including numerous islands in the Mediterranean, [Aegean], and Ionian seas. Settled by Achaeans, Aeolians, Ionians, [Minoans], and Dorians by 1000 B.C., the region grew as an amalgam of independent city-states, many of which established colonies throughout the Mediterranean by the eighth century B.C. Classical Greek culture, centered around Athens, reached a high point in the fifth century B.C. before being conquered by Philip II of [Macedon] in 338 B.C. The area was later controlled by the Roman and Byzantine empires before being absorbed into the Ottoman empire (1456). In 1829, Greece gained its independence and established a constitutional monarchy. The king was deposed following a military coup in 1967, and a [democratic republic] was established in 1975. Athens is the capital and the largest city. Population: 9,[740],[417]
    And are the best country in the world

    Greece meaning & definition 7 of Greece.

  • [The best place on earth], you can be any age to drink [alcahol] and can get [porn] at any age. It has the best beeches on earth.

    Greece meaning & definition 8 of Greece.

  • a lovely place to swim,hike,or [take a nap]. it has great food in any place you go! i go every summer!!!!! yes, kids do have more freedom with drinking and smoking [blah blah] but that is not the only thing they do. they love playing soccer and chillin wit friends. plus, porn rapes the mind and [greek kids] no that, so they dont look at it 24/7. you have to look at the better things there are not only at one person. half the kids dont know porn any way.

    Greece meaning & definition 9 of Greece.

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