• Upper-middle class neighborhood in northeast Queens. Bordered by Flushing, Bayside, College Point, and Malba. Famous for the Cherry Valley Deli.

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  • An upper-middle class neighborhood in Queens, New York. Filled with a bunch of Catholic school kids who run around [repping] the [nieghborhood] like they live in Compton. These hood kids could be found at all your local parks and schools smoking [that loud] or screaming Whitestone everytime they are out of there hood. Several different groups of these hood niggas could be found. You have the extremeley loud and hood kids, the kids who want to be them and deepthroat them at every chance they get, and then the norm kids who you would want to actually chill with. Pretty good place if you know the right people.

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  • A [bridge] in the [NYC].

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  • Town in [queens] with great food. Most kids in Whitestone are called whitestoners cause they are all white kids who smoke weed. Whitestone kids are [upper middle class] kids who love to party. While most kids are partying outside these kids are at [house partys] drinking it up.

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  • A big town filled with some of the hottest boys and girls. All they do is party, [cyph], and hit juuls. They are rich white kids but are always down to pop off. When it comes to beef they usually win and have way more heads then the other town. Whitestone kids chill with bayside, flushing, and cp kids so they got boys to [bat you down] all the time. Whitestone has a huge backing. The usual hangouts are bowne, [wsp], [193]. Also [onf] where rapper cynical718 is always posted at. Whitestone has lots of action if you wanna have fun.

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  • A [paintball player] [that is all] talk and [no game].

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  • You [looser], Whitestone is [the suburbs]...And is even considered [LI]..

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  • A largely residential section of northern Queens in New York City, on the East River, across from the Bronx, to which it is joined by the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge.

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