• NaVi or The People
    Indigenous alien race from 2009 science fiction film Avatar, who lives on a lush Earth-like moon known as Pandora. Pandora orbits the planet Polyphemus and, which is subjected to human imperialism.
    The NaVis are intelligent race, apparent by their ability of learn and speak human language. Their culture revolves around connecting and borrowing the energies from nature. Their primary weapon is elegantly crafted bow and arrow. They worship only one deity known as [Eywa], their mother goddess. The Omaticaya clan lives in Hometree, or Kelutrel in NaVi. Fate of this Hometree becomes a central issue and the climax of the film. There are numbers of other outlining clans.

    NaVis are feline humanoids. Their skin is luminous blue. They also have lemur-like tails which helps them balance. Males can grow as tall as 3 meters, or around 10 feet. Adult females, slightly shorter.
    The most startling ability the NaVis have is that they can create a symbiotic bond with organisms using their tiny appendages contained inside a single tentacle, which is covered inside their long ponytail. This appendages can connect with certain specimen of trees and [faunas]. Once connection is established, they can work and communicate with each other. The film Avatar was directed and written by director James Cameron. The title derive its meaning from the word avatar which means a movable icon representing a person in cyberspace or virtual reality graphics.

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