• A false or artificial voice; that voice in a man which liesabove his natural voice; the male counter tenor or alto voice. SeeHead voice, under Voice.

  • Coined by singer/producer/writer The Dream in the song of the same name in 2007, to falsetto is to reach an orgasm during sex or a sexual act, and scream in a high-pitched tone. Usually executed by females, but can also be done by males.

  • During a sexual act, a high pitch tone/scream, usually done by a female. However, males can reach it too.

  • A female that wears weave, false eyelashes, contacts,and etc., all at the same time.

  • Back in the Renaissance period (approx. 1475-1600)the Roman Catholic church did not approve of women singing in the choir. Because of this, they castrated young boys in order to keep their feminine quality so their voices wouldnt change and they could sing as high as a woman. This went on until 1903.

  • To falsetto is to fake a scream in a high-pitched tone during sex.

  • above the normal vocal range.
    a controlled (and purposely done) cracking of the voice
    usually done by a male singer, using his voice to reach a note he normally wouldnt be able to reach.


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