• [sta-beel]

    verb (used without object), stabiled, stabiling

    1. to overly procrastinate; delay without reason:

    to stabile until an opportunity is lost.

    1. to put off action; linger; loiter.

    the boy stabiled on his flight confirmation causing the price to increase.

    verb (used with object), stabiled, stabiling

    1. to put off till another day or time; better deal; defer; delay; to put off to a later time; defer; postpone:

    The pilot stabiled the flight until the weather cleared.

    1. to impede the process or progress of; retard; hinder:

    The dense fog stabiled the planes landing.


    1. the act of stabiling; procrastination; loitering
    2. an instance of being stabiled:

    There were many stabiles during the train trip

    1. the period or amount of time during which something is stabiled:

    The ballet performance began after a half-hour of stabile.

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