1. short for [lolicon]
    2. [hentai] that contains underage females in sexual situations.
    3. an underage child, often depicted in sexual poses in hentai movies/images.

  • Derived from the Japanese [lolicom]/[lolicon] which, itself, is derived from [lolita complex] - from Nabokovs novel Lolita.

    1. (Noun - plural: loli or lolis) A [prepubescent] girl; especially in Japanese [anime]/[manga].

    2. (Noun - plural: loli or lolis) [Hentai] porn depicting prepubescent girls. Sometimes extended (erroneously) to [adolescent] subjects.

    3. (Adjective - not comparable) Of or pertaining to lolicon pornography.

    Note A: while the term can be used for either real or animated girls, it is rarely used to refer to pornography depicting real children ([cp]).

    Note B: often the term loli (like related terms) is misused to refer to infant, adolescent, etc. girls. Strictly speaking, however, the term refers only to prepubescent girls (primarily ages 4-12)

  • Contrary to popular belief, loli is NOT an abbreviation for [lolicon].
    A loli is a young girl, which is usually depicted as extremely cute. There are several usages of this word.

    1. In an adult comic/video/game/etc, a loli is perceived as a very young girl, but she is always over the age of 18.
    2. In other contexts, such as an [ecchi] or non-erotic situation, a loli is perceived as a young girl who is extremely cute, but does not need to be over 18.

    1. Young girl (like 6-12)
    2. More than 16 years old but look like a little girl
    3. Lolicon is the sexual depiction of someone under the age of 16 (copy from other )

  • Another reason for America to nuke Japan again.

    loli is basically child porn in japanese

  • A loli is what appears to be a pre-pubecent, and often female, though can be male, person that is in reality the age of consent.

  • A video consisting of a bunch of hotties doing hot things(dont mind the age).

  • The best category in hentai


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