• A hard wooden shoe that a woman can use to keep her man in check if he gets out of line. It is particularly effective on a bald-headed man. Preferably use the heel end of the shoe.

  • A pedestrian who monopolizes shared walkways with complete inconsideration of others. Most often used to describe the following: a lackadaisical walker who blocks other, more agile, pedestrians from getting to where they need to go; one of a larger group of lunchtime strollers who think its cute to walk shoulder-to-shoulder, five or six in a row, on a busy city sidewalk.

  • A strang lump of wood that you strap to your foot in order to walk through tulips... (or maybe float should you fall in a canal smashed out of your face on Heineken and Purple Haze) looks a bit like an old cheese?

  • To stay too long in one place or overerstay ones welcome. To linger or hang out.

  • (1) A poorly-written [blog] containing little or no content, nonsense or irrelevant content, or which contains only advertising or promotional content. Also, a [blog] posted continuously or repeatedly to get more views, remain in a top viewed or prime viewing position, or to push other blogs out of a top viewed or prime viewing position.

  • To hinder or obstruct with thick or sticky matter; choke up.

  • A shoe with a thick wooden sole.


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