• A grain yielded by a hardy cereal grass (Secale cereale),closely allied to wheat; also, the plant itself. Rye constitutes alarge portion of the breadstuff used by man.

  • New York's version of the OC. There's wealth, there's drama

  • a very preppy, very wealthy town in westchester, just bordering on rye neck, and mamaroneck/larchmont. the town is SPOTLESS, and kids swathed in lacoste and polo, collars popped, crowd into starbucks, cosi, and the gap. EVERYONE IS BLONDE, BLUE EYED, AND READY FOR A LIFE OF YACHTS AND IVY LEAGUE DIPLOMAS.

    and yes, the boys are so hot.

  • A rich suburban town in New York where rich bitches have nothing better to do than gossip and drink. No matter what they do, daddy's connections will get them into the college of their choice. Everything and everyone in this town is perfect, and if its not they get plastic surgery to fix it. The boys are gorgeous assholes who drive hot cars and drink till they pass out. The girls are flawless bitches. Everyone is good at everything. When they lose, they party harder and daddy treats them extra special, loaning his yacht to them and their friends for the weekend. According to parents, drinking is legal for all ages in this town and parents dont teach their kids to play ping pong but beer pong. Rye is a town filled with huge mansions, hot boys, stunning girls, wall street fathers, and stuck up moms who have nothing better to do with their lives than live vicariously through their children.

  • a town of wealthy rich kids who do whatever the fuck they want wear great clothing who always look hot where gravity has no affect on collars and nantucket red is called pink welcome to rye.. everyone goes to nice country clubs were the play tennis all day with their typical rye mom who drive around in suburbans all day with their louis vuitton bags on their cells gossiping

  • A wholesome town located on the LI Sound conveniently between Greenwich and Harrison, Rye's population consists of Rye

  • Rye is amazing. Yes its true, rye is a rich town where everyone is hott, preppy, and has at least 2 houses.

  • Rye is a grass grown to be used much like a grain.

    As a slang term 'Rye' usually refers to rye whiskey although other alcohols, such as vodka and beer, can also be made using the crop.

    Rye alcohol was extremely popular during prohibition and its production faded increasingly following the dry period. Nowadays, only a select few alcohol makers still produce rye whiskey, and even fewer produce other beverages using rye. The most popular brands of rye whiskey are undeniably: Wild Turkey and Jim Beam.

    When used alone, 'rye' almost exclusively refers to rye whiskey.

  • A city in New York, filled with rich WASPs and huge McMansions. It's also the correct lyric in the song American Pie.

  • Rye, a place where EVERYONE is two faced, literally everyone

  • Another name for Canadian Whisky. Called thus because it is made mostly from rye grain. Famous brands include Canadian Club, Crown Royal, Black Velvet, Gibson's Finest, Royal Reserve, VO and others. Rye has a mellow flavor and is smoother than other kinds of whisky. It must be aged a minimum of 3 years by Canadian law. 8, 10, 12, 15 and 21-year old ryes are also available. Rye is not generally popular in the USA except in a few places where locals took a liking to it back in the days of prohibition when large amounts of Canadian whisky was smuggled into the USA. Canadians consume large quantities of rye.

  • A wheat-like cereal plant which tolerates poor soils and low temperatures.