• Of or pertaining to Armenia. Armenian bole, a soft clayey earthof a bright red color found in Armenia, Tuscany, etc.-- Armenian stone. (a) The commercial name of lapis lazuli. (b)Emery.

  • People from [Armenia] who were massacred by the Turks. Don't believe it? Say that to the corpses of the 1.5 million killed.

  • Someone from Armenia, or with Armenian heritage. That's it.
    They aren't all intelligent, passionate, powerful, obnoxious, loud, ugly, or anything else simply because they are Armenian. They're human beings like you or me, there's good and bad ones just like in every ethnicity.

  • Armenian's are a small but highly talented, intelligent, and above all a passionate race of people. They've had the historically significant misfortune of being the first Christian nation, to be surrounded on all sides by Muslims(Turkey to the East, Iran to the South, Azerbaijan to the West). They draw their strength from their identity and their history. Their history is ancient and full of pain and suffering, they were victims of Genocide before the word was invented by Raphael Lemkin. They are united by the spilled blood of their ancestors, if not by their religion, language, food, and culture. They cannot be destroyed as Turkey already knows. They will live on and they will prosper.

  • Currently a small race of people originating from around the area of Mesopotamia and Asia minor. Armenians are described by some as being a majority of pre-made geniuses. If you have ever met an Armenian, and have assumed a negative opinion about them, keep in mind that there are good and bad, beautiful and not so beautiful, intelligent and stupid people within every ethnic group. We are human beings.
    Armenian women are renowned for their beauty; typically with large dark eyes, thick lashes and long healthy hair. A traditional female hairstyle is a very long braid to the side.
    For such a small group of people, Armenians have contributed much to the world; they have many great doctors, actors, sport players (soccer and boxing being prominent),musicians (composers, instrumentalists, conductors, singers),writers, engineers, and, I think most of all, inventors.
    Also take note, that a persons environment usually effects their behavior. Some people think that the diaspora Armenians in Glendale, California (and other populous regions) are giving a bad reputation to the rest of the Armenians. They are immigrants from Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. They seem to be rowdy troublemakers with a lot of pride in who they are. This somewhat true. There’s the higher 2nd, 3rd generation end of the society, and the lower class of newer immigrants, who struggle in America and find that being poor in their native country is still much better than being poor in America. The parents of these families work all day, leaving their children unsupervised for hours; resulting in the formation of gangs and troublesome activity. It’s a hard life over there, and the Armenians in Glendale a perfect example of people being effected by their environment. Any ethnic group in a situation like that would have the same/similar problems.

    And also, of course, you can not have the definition of an Armenian without mention of their rich culture; with its delicious food, deeply culturaly rooted music, unique language and alphabet, and dancing! agh aman their parties. I have always thought that the Armenian culture and food is similar to the Arabic, Greek and Russian cultures.

  • Someone who is from Armenia or of armenian decent. Generally have big beautiful eyes, thick eyebrows, thick black hair, and large noses.

  • The Armenians are an anciant race that have gone through bullshit since we were put on this earth. We used to be a country of kingas and great rulers until the world started hating. We are the victims of genocide from the turks and because of it we are spread out all over the world of our biggest places of residence outside armenia is southern cali in hollywood, glendale, north hollywood, pasadena and burbank. We have the best and the worst from our Rabiz fobers to our armo O.G.s to the high class moneymakers and officials of society...however we are a proud race except for the couple of self haters...

  • The best type of wog there is. They live off kebabs, wraps and whiskey. They are very hairy and their women are beutiful. Although sometimes thought as being hairy. Mainly hate turks because of the 1915 armenian genocide killing 1.5 million.

  • Not white but likes to pretend they are.


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