• Belonging to the earliest period or state; original; primitive;primeval; as, the pristine state of innocence; the pristine mannersof a people; pristine vigor.

  • untouched, not corrupted, having original components

  • A thing that is new, unused, untouched, uncorrupted, beautiful, and clean; retaining no dirt or scum. Remaining in a pure state. Normally used for either one's own new belonging, or someone else's belonging whether theirs is used or not. Much emphasis is put on the word 'pristine' as it is spoken.

  • Free from dirt and decay

  • When a situation becomes violent, dangerous or risky - for example, walking into a pub or bar and the atmosphere is already hostile, and all it will take is one wrong word, one spilled drink or a single push or shove before a fight breaks out.

    Can also be used by a single person when they've been pushed to breaking point as a warning to others.

    1. A hot piece of ass that you pick up after a long day at work.
    2. a stripper with huge tities.