Bell hop

  • Male Version: Upon receiving oral sex from a women, the man informs the lucky lady that he is about to [bust]. He then advises the women to open her mouth. Once her mouth is open, he proceeds by firmly grabbing her exposed tongue and pulling it down as hard as he can, in the meantime yelling, Ding, ding, ding! [Room Service]! All of which is done in the process of ejaculating. Note: It is crucial that every time you blurt out the word Ding you must initiate a subsequent downward pull on the womans tongue. The man may instruct her to wear a [butler] outfit if he sees fit. Other props such as a carrying tray complete with an assortment of food dishes is also acceptable. Female Version: A women is performing oral sex on a man. Upon hearing that he is about to ejaculate, she grasps both testicles in her right hand and yanks his [junk] in a downward motion as hard as she can. She may yell out, You rang?! for effect purposes.