• shoes like high heel shoes that girls wear. not place were girls get crunk

  • Most commonly, although not exclusively, a female fashion shoe/weapon, found in da club, on da street, on da foot, or in da hos fohead.

  • A High heal shoe with a slightly closed front; Mainly seen in clubs. And worn by celebrities
    Very classy. Worn with Skinny cut, Straight cut and Sits At Waist cut jeans.

    Stilettos are a form of High heals but yet a different type of high heal.
    High heals come in different designs and may or may not have an open toe. And built into varieties of different styles while Stilettos are smaller and rise below the ankle with a thin strap around the foot and ankle. Usually has allot of jewelry on it. [Diamond]

  • Slang for high heeled-(or hence the name), stiletto-heeled-shoes or boots.
    Refering to the type of heel, - usually a stiletto-heel

  • Stillettos are knives that are spring loaded to edject from the top of the hilt used in many mobster movies to kill people.