• Information Master
    One to be worshiped

  • well-minded angels with little street-sense or business-savvy, love to help and occasionally are reminded why, often experience burn-out due to low pay, bureaucratic management, and the discovery that the homeless and elderly are more familiar with libraries then your son or daughter, aspire to make a difference in a constantly changing world, are some of the most interesting individuals you will ever meet, are more excited about technology then you think.

  • A chick who seems really sweet and nice and shy when out. But, once you get her alone turns into a raging sexaul freak.
    Generally; their sado-masocistic, man beating, she-devils form hell. i.e. They freeakin rock!

  • A librarian is a person who is trained to help you find whatever information you might be looking for. Many people have an outdated stereotype of a librarian as an unmarried middle-aged woman who only cares about keeping kids away from her dusty old books. The truth, however, is that librarians come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ages; more important, librarians today are trained in Web design, online research (believe it or not, theres far more out there besides Google and Wikipedia), networking, and the latest Web 2.0 technologies. Books are still a huge part of the job, but librarians these days know far more about technology than most people, and are taught exactly how to use it to help you find what you need.

  • Technically, the term librarian refers to an individual who has obtained a Masters Degree in Library Science or Information Science, but is increasingly used to refer to any of a number of professionals and para-professionals employed in a [library]. The main function of a librarian is to connect individuals (patrons or customers) with [information] and [entertainment], whether found in print, audio, video, or other (i.e. online) formats.

  • Librarians are very misunderstood.Most people believe that librarians:
    1)are always under a pile of books
    2)dont have any connect to the real world
    3)are bitter and sarcastic
    4)dont have a life
    5)own a lot of cats
    6)are ugly
    7)are full of useless information
    8)like to show off their intellectuality

    Well guess what,there are some whore like that,but the majority kicks ass.Librarians are the coolest human beings you can find.

  • A girl who looks who looks hot AF in glasses

  • A [research] and [information] [geek].
    Librarians desire to make the whole world of information available to people at the time they need it. Frustrated by the lack of interest in anything more complex than Britney Spears bust size, some librarians withdraw into an autistic fantasy where everything is perfectly organized. Others catch unsuspecting researchers and brain-dump the contents of the British Library on them. Generally possessed of insane amounts of patience, as Garrison Kiellor pointed out.

  • Code word for Lesbians when you want to talk about them but do not want them to know you are talking about them.

  • Member of the political [Libertarian] Party.