• the most amazing guy you will ever meet, the sort you only realize how much he means to you when he;s not there. A guy that makes you feel ohh so happy, and is quite funny too. Hes always looks impeccable.

    The guy every girl wants.

    The guy every other guy wants to be.

  • (n)The act of having sexual intercourse

  • very nice

  • Haydn is the boy of any girls dreams, constantly fought over by women he is a ladys man. He has strong beliefs and is a complex individual and will only reveal his true colours to those he feels completly comftable around and trusts. Hes the one ever guy wants to be. A constant smile will apear on your face when your around a haydn. Hes a popular individual who is able to talk to anybody with ease. Hes hilarous and never fails to make anyone laugh he makes even the worst days bright. You cant help but fall for haydn.

  • Has the smallest penis ever and is the gayest Dyke ever


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