• Used contemptuously. Discredited and/or disgruntled eBay sellers generating artificial traffic spikes for Overstock.com as they return to the site again and again in vain hope of a sold listing.

  • One who excels greatly over their peers in any particular task.

  • Normally a master race of giant space ants that like to conquer spacecrafts. Its difficult to tell from this vantage point whether they normally consume the planet captives or merely enslave them. One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the ants can soon be here.

    Id like to remind them that as a trusted [Urban Dictionary] contributor I could be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

  • Overlord is a unit (creature) in the game of Starcraft! Sometimes people call overlords ovies. It floats above everything else, and you cannot create other units if you dont have overlords.
    Overlords can see invisible units and can also carry units from one place to another.

    Sometimes people who are obsessed with Starcraft call their parents overlords. They are the higher than you, maybe thats why!

  • Misha Collins.

  • One of many classes in [MMORPG] game called: [Lineage2]
    It is class specified to [ORC] race. In many oppinions its one of the best [support] classes in the game. Overlord is sometimes called OL for a short. OL can evoluate into [Dominator]. Overlord has got mass skills called [seals] it can debuuff numerous number of [mobs] or even other players.

  • A role played while having sex. Usually, the overlord is violent, dominating, dirty-talking, and on top. Men can usually play this role during sex, but women can, as well. Props used by the overlord include, but are not limited to: whips, handcuffs, rope, apples, leather accessories, dildos, etc..

  • When an item is left in someones house for an extended period of time that item is claimed by the houses residents.

  • A title given to someone of great power as the sucessor of an [Oracle] as they are entitled as the Overlord they can rule with absolute dominance and no defiance.
    Easily related to Kim Jong-Un.
    To learn more go to the [hierarchy of lordship]

  • See [Laharl]


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