• A variation of the AP English course; during which you spent most of your time agonizing over writing thesis statements for literary essays, but then realise that it is a favorable activity compared to trying to - in vain - finish annotating Shakespeare.

  • Feeling tinglish is sensation your body experiences as a reaction to a beautiful thing someone has just said to you or it can also be a reaction to that person in general. When that person is near by you, they are in your presence, or they say something incredibly sweet that touches you heart, you will experience tinglishes. This feeling is a sense of warm in your heart, tingles down your spine an overall sense of goosebumps on your body and a glow on your face will be visible. Its a lovely feeling to be Tinglish so dont ever forget to thank the special person who made you feel tinglish... because to feel tinglish is a rare experience for most and only the special people in your life and elicit this sensation on you. Usually only one specific person has this magic touch.

  • a set of pseudo-english words created with ease of typing and laziness in mind. by combining prefixes and suffixes to certain nouns, these nouns can be used to represent verbs, nouns... anything really. this set is named after its primary user, a brilliant and slight clumsy girl, ting.