• Nectar of the Gods! The Norse God Odins favorite drink. Mead predates both wine, beer, liqueur and all distilled beverages; it is in a class of it’s own. Its made from fermented honey, water and yeast. It can be light or rich, sweet or dry, or even sparkling. It may be flavored with herbs, spices and flowers.

    It is not a wine as it does not contain grapes, and white wines flavored with honey are just cheap imitations of the real thing and often have much lower alcohol content then real mead. Genuine mead is smooth and highly intoxicating.

  • An ancient alcoholic beverage made by fermenting water and honey. When only water honey and yeast is used, then its mead, and can be sweet(sack mead), Dry, still or sparkling. Mead that is aged for an extended period of time(more than a year) is commonly called Great Mead(and it is)

    If grape juice is added before fermentation, its called Pyment.

    If other fruit juices or purees (such as strawberries or blueberries) its called Melomel.

    If malts, grains and/or hops are added to a mixture of mostly honey and water, its called Braggot.

    If apple juice is added before fermentation, its Cyser.

    If herbs or spices are added its Metheglin.

    Mead predates all known forms of alcohol. Originally it was made with honey, water and wild yeasts, but nowadays its usually made with cultured yeast strains.

    The term [honeymoon] comes from the practice of drinking mead for the first month after a marriage.

  • An alcoholic beverage, probably one of the first ever created, fermented from honey.

  • The coolest surname ever known to man

  • mead (noun), (german: Met)
    Wine made from honey.
    Roughly brewed like this:
    Water and honey are transformed into wine by usual means.
    Afterwards, the basic honey is put into the wine again to make it sweeter (better) and some herbs are added for further improvement of the taste. Recipes vary greatly.
    First people who made mead were the vikings. Since then always been somewhat popular in many regions of the world.
    This stuff was the reason for [vikings] being so cool.

    Usually will get you drunk fast if you are not used to this special kind of alcohol.

    Best served either cold or hot.
    Warm mead is like warm beer: tasting somewhat shitty in comparison to the cooled stuff.

    Possible mixdrinks are:

    Vikings blood:
    50% mead
    50% cherry juice
    even sweeter than the pure stuff.

    25-35% mead
    65-75% beer
    unique taste. For those who think mead to sweet.

  • Mead is an alternative term for water and can be paired to anything liquid and consumable.
    Dairy Mead being milk
    Poison Mead being milk
    Solid Mead being Ice.
    Tead being Tea
    Ceed being coffee
    Potato starch extract mead being Vodka, and so on

    And actual Mead (Honey-Wine) is known as water.

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