1. Recognizable qualitative characters of the given.--C. I. Lewis (1929)
    2. Parts of experiential knowledge, i.e., that which can only be known through experience.
    3. The introspectively accessible, phenomenal aspects of our mental lives.--Stanford Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
    4. Simplest forms of experience.
    5. Outlets of the flow of experience (from consciousness).
    6. Finest levels of (mental) qualities.
    7. Finest levels of feeling.
    8. Junction points between being and experiencing.
    9. Starting points of becoming.
    10. Introspectible and seemingly monadic properties of sense datum, but universal, not particular.
    11. Quale is to quality as quantum is to quantity. (Etymologically)
    12. Subjective qualities of conscious experience.
    13. Subjective sensations. --Ramachandran


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