• a technique for ending an arguement about numbers. Obviously the scoreboard will truly reflect who is winning, regardless of what the other party is saying. Scoreboard suggests that all that is really relevant are the cold hard numbers. If you have scoreboard then the facts/numbers are on your side and you can end the arguement by just pointing out to the other person to look at the scoreboard.

  • It is used in conversation when you believe (either truthfully or in your head) that you have won the argument or effectively made your point as a statement of completion and exuberence. Often spoken in a soft, high pitch tone to better commemorate its original usage in the Geico commercial with Billy King and the Caveman playing tennis.

  • One word statement used in sports as an absolute rebuttal that the best team or player ALWAYS wins. Used when players or fans make excuses or blame poor officiating, injuries, controversies and/or other factors as to why their team or player lost, or otherwise try to argue that the team or player that lost is actually the better player.

  • When you have something others want, or are in a situation of personal gain versus your peers. Scoreboard should always be writtin in all caps.

  • To try to up someone in fraternal verbal competition. Much like a verbal pissing contest without the mess. Taken from the literal scoreboard (noun) from a sports match.

  • A replacement for the word Scunt. Can be used many ways but mostly recognized in the caribbean as a replacement for the afore mentioned expletive.


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