Hodge podge

  • An unorganised group of items, each without related characteristics.

  • A confused or disorderly mass mixture or collection of things; a mess or a jumble.

  • Bullshit and or fuckery

  • An expression perfected by Kyle when referring to various complex billing issues.

  • Two of the many words rathbone uses to describe the East Providence Marching Band when they finally sit with their section at a football game in the stands.

  • A slang term describing an innumerable variety of STDs found within a person after a large amount of sexual promiscuity.

  • Statistically, 1 in 3 individuals has an STD. With the rise of sexual promiscuity in society that number is only going to escalate. So in 5 to 10 years youre going to ask someone what they have and theyll say, I have syphi-herpa-gonorrhea-crabalosis-HIV-AIDS. Were the generation of the OMG the LOL, I gotta know what you have and I gotta know now! So theyll say, Ive got the hodge podge. Its a grab bag of everything. Its the viral sensation thats sweeping the nation.


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