• Usually a person who
    a)Smokes a BUNCH of weed
    b)Wears V-Necks
    c)Constantly at little corner cafes

    But there are two different types.
    The rich ones always wear american apparel, jersey knit v-necks. They are usually really huge jerks, and listen to the more upscale indie music. Nobody likes them, and everyone calls them emo. Usually gay/bi, or at least everyone thinks so. Theyre obsessed with their macbook, and making sure they look fashionable. Which usually means that you copy everyone else. And you read nylon, even though youre a boy.

    The average ones just wear whatever they can find at the salvation army. Sometimes they accessorize with hemp baja jackets.
    They are usually the trendy ones that everyone like. They dont shop at hot topic, and they definitely arent gay. They just live up life with cappucinos, and awesome marijuana. Sometimes they have dreads, but that becomes too hippy-ish, so in order to be a real krill, cut those dreads!

    Most Krill are men. It isnt cool to be a girl krill.

  • A group of people or a person that is [indie] or is a [hipster].

  • A fake ass 5sos fan

  • Of or relating to every person in fuze. Commonly spoken before or during a squat.

  • bogus, absurd, weird,

  • another term for crack cocaine

  • Girls that are skinny and not attractive.


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