Red cap

  • Red Cap, a distinctly Canadian beer, is sold in a stubby bottle and has been compared to mule piss as well as the discarge from an elephants anus.

    This product, if offered to good friends who help you move, should not be consumed and the purveyors of the Red Cap should be ridiculed for months thereafter. Also, any situation which has a negative outcome or shamelessly cheap origins can be referred to as a Red Cap situation.

    Red Cap can be used as a verb, interchangable with Pwned.

  • British; A military police officer.

  • A southeast Texas fast food restaurant chain, known for its old-timey looks and astounding food to spit ratio.

  • Type of psilocybin. Psychedelic hallucinogen mushroom. Usually in season (in California) around late spring/early summer.


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