1. (Noun) [tweed], [pot], [herb], [nuggies], [bud], [skunky monkey]. Use to describe somebodies toking gear.
    2. (Verb) to chop up some gear to precede a massive session of getting high as ten kites.

  • A mix of tobacco and marijuana that has been finely chopped up and packed tightly in a [bowl].
    Mulls usually have a marijuana to tobacco ratio of 2:3 depending on who is the chopper. The tobacco gives the toker the [Mull Effect], so there should be a generous amount of tobacco in a mull.
    A mull should be [snapped] for full effect; the smoke is harsh and should NOT be held in the lungs for more than a few seconds.
    After a mull, a toker will usualy go into a very vulnerable state and will need to cuddle with a friend, because that just feels [dank].

  • The stationary form of milling. Aimless stagnant loitering. Just like you get mulled wine when it has been sat around for years, people too can mull for various periods of time.

  • When you talking to a bitch and she messes up so you block her on everything w/o giving her any time of explanation

  • To eat ravenously or attack sexually. Usually performed in an animalistic manner. Mull, Mulled, Mulling

  • A disgusting way of smoking [weed], [ozzys] smoke their [chronic] like this, its chopped [weed] with tobacco.

  • 1 : to set upon or work against forcefully
    2 : to assail with unfriendly or bitter words <a speech attacking her political enemies>
    3 : to begin to affect or to act on injuriously <plants attacked by aphids> 4 : to set to work on <attack a problem> 5 : to threaten (a piece in chess) with immediate capture

  • derains from the surname McCulloch. mulloch being the primary nickname after a mis-pronounced attempt and full surname.Mull became shortened version after people could not be bothered to pronounce the two whole sylabals found in Mulloch.

  • While having sex with a dead female, the mouth is over the whole vaginal opening while a friend jumps on the stomache of the dead female repeatedly. The person on the receiving end will get all the juices from the dead lady thus resulting in a Mull.


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