• The naga is a mystical creature with the body of a snake and the head of a man or woman. They will fiercely protect the territory they consider their own. Some nagas can be forced to serve as guardians by a spellcaster of great power.

  • *NAGA : North American Ground Ape ....a term used by the LAPD to refer to any disturbances or riots, which so happen to involve black people. The reason the LAPD is considered racist?

    *In mythology, a snake goddess.

    *In entertainment, a hot, sexy, beautiful, busty, curvalicious babe in the anime series Slayers. Actually, she is only a character in the three Slayers movies. But still, whod wanna turn down a chick with a well-endowed body, complete with beautiful long purple hair, extremely-skimpy clothing, a nice sleek ass, and a large jiggling rack? Shes also 63! o.o

  • Sea creatures form the MMORPG [World of Warcraft], often mistaken for players being racist, see [nigga]

  • North American Ground Ape- This is a term used by the LAPD to classify riots that involve blacks

  • (noun)In modern fantasy fiction, members of a race with both snake and human characteristics; The naga generally have a humanoid snake skin torso with a snakes tail in place of their legs. Their arms have scales, and claws at the end. Thier heads have pointy ears like a dragon, sharp fang like teeth, and a long snake like tounge.

    A creature in the MMORPG game RYL:POTE that is the victim of mass genocide by the players. It is one of the top creatures to kill for XP, and players spend hundreds of hours wasting there lifes to kill these monsters to level up. This is primarily due to a lack of content on the part of PWG.
    Also the name of Daytonas alternate character, Naga Mage.

  • Term used by the LAPD involving riots involving blacks.

    North American Ground Ape

  • Acronymn: Not A Golfers Asshole - award given to the worst golfer in a group.


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