• Eating ones own feces. Yum.

  • The name of the condition that describes someone who loves to eat shit. As in stools or poo poo. It is occatinally seen in animals and sometimes humans. This is known as Scat Eating

  • Shit eater. One who eats shit

  • The consumption of human/animal faeces by humans or animals. Sometimes done in a sexual context. An excellent way of catching hepatitis.

    Someone who does so is a coprophage. It is not the same as, but is often related to or co-occurent with coprophila, which is sexual excitement related to faeces or defaecation.

  • The only redeeming feature of a dog, when it recycles its food by eating its doo doo. Oh yeah, and occasional honking up of grass (the lawn kind) on the windowsill.


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