• short for vietcong, guerilla fighting force working against the us army and s vietnam army in the vietnam war. also known as vietminh, it was established by Ho Chi minh.

  • a slang way to say to video chat ; connect through seeing someone over the internet; using a webcam; you ussally will video chat over instant messager

  • Venture Capitalists; As lovingly abbreviated by the supposedly internet savvy generation.

  • Abbreviation for Van Cleef, which refers to The Deadmines; a starting instance in the game World of Warcraft. Some consider it noob hell. Not to be confused with Dire Maul (DM), which is for more expierienced players.

  • Victoria Cross- the highest ranking medal availiable to the British Amry. Although the British Army has had more victories since the introduction of the VC than any other country in the world, only 1354 have been awarded. Of these people, 15 are still alive today, the last having recieved his medal in 1969.

  • VC = Vietcong,Guerrilla tactically based forces fighting for the communist North Vietnamese army against the Allied and South Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam War. Formerly known as the Viet Minh

  • the VC is described as a hood neighborhood in a surbuban [cul-de-sac] in Hamden Conneticut. There are many members which include funny real life characters like Curtis Shavoy Jordan Me Monique and many others Many events take place but mostly basketball. VC is Victoria Court.

    1. Viet Cong. Used to describe anyone of Vietnamese origin.
    2. Very Cool.
    3. Voluntary Contribution. Usually to squadron funds.

  • Office Vacation Champion


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