• Jigsaw is a fictional serial killer within the Saw universe. He is different from most fictional serial killers as he does not kill his victims directly, but instead relies on various lethal traps in which he places his victims.

    Jigsaw believes that he has never killed anyone in his life and that the choices that his victims make are up to them. He believes this because he has cancer and failed to commit suicide and realized how life is a gift.

  • Mastermind villain of the Saw movie franchise. Also, [Dick Cheney]s role model.

  • Serial killer (?) that pwns.

  • One who reels in victims using a socialable and friendly personality, then turns into a backstabbing psycho monster who wears jump suits, walks loudly throughout the halls, and plays evil peekaboo in the elevator. This individual may also possess an uncanny resemblance to Jigsaw from the saw movies and have extremely codependent tendencies.

  • Named after the main character from the Saw movies, this sexual act of passion involves the dismemberment of your partner, drilling holes into each available body part, and having sex with each part.

  • to cum on your girlfriend having sex and leave it on over night and in the morning her eyes are cummed shut

  • The safest part of the worst part of town.

  • The supreme ruler of all tools(a person whom exhibits infinite gayness).


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