Rot gut

  • The process of gastral distress from the consumption of stomach altering foods.
    Categorized by these alert levels
    Green Alert= Gastral Distress at a minimum.
    Yellow Alert= Stomach pangs intensify and flatulence occurs
    Red Alert= sharp pains and if have a sudden laugh you might shit yourself.
    Brown Alert= shit has ruptured in your pants and you need a quick cleanup because you are disturbing others around you with the smell.
    Orange Alert= gas has built up and your ass swells along with brown alert.

  • a diarrhea-like condition caused by the consumption of various old man beers, such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz, Miller High Life, or most notably, Milwaukees Best.

  • An actual term ROT GUT refers to the middle ages when cadavers were transported in huge barrells of liquor in secret to medical schools. Dissection was illegal, and this was a way to secretly transport cadavers, and get wasted.

  • Any cheap 40 or 22 oz of malt liquor, not particulary known for the taist but rather to get drunk as fuck. Preferably St Ides or Colt 45.


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