• An establishment located in plazas and sometimes traditional malls. Mr.Kohl pioneered a method where the registers are at the front like a grocery store but since then this technique has ineffective because current management believes that having only one worker on the registers is sufficient. Because of their lack of insight this leads to a constant barrage of backup to mens!, backup to womans!, There is no line at jewelry!,etc over the intercom.Most of the time even despite the lack of workers at the register the reason for the hold up at the register is because of the employees who participate in long drawn out conversations with customers about the great deals they have. The main reason for the delays at the register, however; is due to the companys credit policy. Each Manager is bred and trained into credit whores where their main existence is to bully and pester customers into signing up for credit cards where they charge a fee of 20% if your late on your payment.[, you pay ]. If the customer says no they dont want a credit card in the manual an employee supposed to say, Are you sure you have an opportunity to save up to 12 times a year and if that doesnt work in a desperation move an employee is then supposed to ask if they would like to sign up for an email account. Kohls prides itself in a yes we can! policy i.e. if you bring a shirt to the register and say its 20 bucks but on the register it says the actual price is 30 they are supposed to give it to you for 20. Actually because the people working at the registers believe they have some divine duty to not give anyone a deal add to the increased barrage of people on the intercom by calling for employees to see if that is the actual price. Continuing their credit whore policy it is common for a manager to go on the intercom and plea for customers to sign up for a credit card and describing the benefits, these can last up to 3 minutes. Even though the sounds emitting over the intercom can sound like nails on a chalkboard some would argue that its a better then the atrocious music that plays such favorites as All in this Together - Ben Lee[One day on an 8 hour shift this song played a total of three times inducing nausea].Kohls attempts to justify their credit whoring by saying that it benefits everyone including employees because each employee receives a meager stock option after a year of employment and it will help increase that value;however, most employees dont even survive their 90 day training period let alone a year. An employee also only receives an increase of 50 cents to their paycheck for each credit card whored. The job pays bad especially in comparison to other similar retail establishments in the same class some even offer commission. Every Kohls is always understaffed[granted a lot of employees quit] this shortage leads to a lack of customer service and a pigpen of a store. To add salt to the wound every week their is a customer service report card and the common complaint is lack of available associates, The managers then manipulate this statistic by putting the blame on employees saying they are not wearing their name badge or they dont smile and say hi to each customer. Kohls does however offer cheap merchandise albeit at the expense of its employees so it is a good place to find a deal.That being said as an employee the workplace at Kohls left me with a pessimistic outlook on life and since my termination from the company i feel like a changed individual.Oftentimes work experience will help you become a better worker but Kohls has managed to put me in a worse position then before i started.

  • A giant soul sucking chain of department stores, which started out as a grocery store and is now an incredibly profitable business. They pride themselves on low prices and great customer service. The so called sale prices arent sales, they r items that hav been marked up and then down 2 create a fake sale, the clearence is the only good deal, with xxxl sizes and damaged merchandise. The managment are power hungry uneducated fools that sit on their asses all day and complain that nothing gets done. Customers who shop there r fat white trash hicks that let their inbred kids run around the store destroying everything, while they try on hoochie mama outfits. Employees r underpaid slaves that hav 2 listen 2 customers bitch and complain that they didnt get the 75 cents off they were promised in their imaginations. Kohls is the place wher dreams go 2 die.

  • kohls is a department store that resembles a cross between a typical clothes store but with a layout similar to the mall. Kohls starting salaries are higher then 6.50, usually in the 7 dollar range. kohls is kinda like a walmart of clothes and similar accessories, minus the bullying. Kohls is notorious for its good customer service, low prices (compared to equivalent clothes at the local mall), and various sales. They are obsessed with customers getting kohls charge cards..

  • An unwanted change of plans, often associated with a screw up or mistake.

    Also a chain of department stores.

  • Department store that likes to underpay workers. Starting them out at .50 an hour. Giving them a 25 cent raise after 90 days and a small yearly raise. The management at Kohls are not on the same page and things never get done correctly to anothers liking. Idiots work here, people who decide to put a combination lock on the dock door that reaches a truck, but never bother to tell another person the combination. The manager decides to try and call the store manager, only to yell at the dock workers for just standing around. The reason, they have nothing to do is because she wont let them break the lock off. Slave drivers, who make there employees steal palletes from other stores and go outside in the cold while they are nice and warm. The managers mostly eat, put on makeup, do their nails, and fix their hair. The managers are all women, because the store is sexist. A place where they make you stay past 12 midnight.

  • A department store that sells clothing, shoes, housewares, bath, toys, and bedding. Although a nice store that sometimes has great prices during sales, they only care about opening new charge cards could care less about ruining peoples credit scores. Youll get great deals if youre responsible with your charge card, but have ridiculous exclusions that dont include prestige brands such as Nike, which is something that no athlete wants to hear.

    As an employee, youll have to put up with inconsistent hours, managers with little to no people skills, and impossible deadlines to get things done. One week, youll get 30 hours and less than 5 the next week. The managers scold you and make demands instead of talking to you like youre a human being (probably because they dont have a life or any friends outside of Kohls). When youre in a bind, they will state the obvious and do nothing to help you, yet obliviously continue to make demands. The managers will also push you very hard to get things done in a very short period of time.