• A woman who stays home to take care of the house, the kids, the husband and the pets. She works up a sweat, has anxiety attacks and burst into tears when a 2 year old says no! for the 100th time that day after having to picking up dog poop from the livingroom floor, washing 3 loads of laundry, washed all the dishes, went grocery shopping with 2 screaming kids, who get sick and throw up in the middle of the store. Then she comes home ,cleans up the kids, starts to make dinner with both kids hanging on her leg, only to have it burn. She recieves no thanks from anyone and gets no paycheck.

  • something a ho absolutely cannot turn into

  • A Housewife is a woman who has chosen to not work outside the home for money, but rather devotes all time, energy and love into creating a safe, warm, clean home for her family to grow and thrive. She cooks, cleans, does dishes, laundry, childcare, shopping, countless errands and careful money management all while supporting her family and community through community service work, volunteering and general parenting. Commonly referred to as a stay at home mom or homemaker.

  • A word that was considered obsolete. It now means the member of a relationship who takes care of the house.

  • What a woman becomes AFTER she realises that there are things more important in life than HERSELF. She is able to realise that by emasculating her husband she is doing more harm than good and that by supporting her husband and children and taking care of the homefront she can contribute to the welfare of her family and society by ensuring that her children dont become latch key kids. A housewife is a woman who is not content to allow someone else to raise her family.

  • Woman who take care of dutys for all men in her house including cooking cleaning and sex every night

  • A common misconception among men, regarding the care and concern a woman does not really feel about the house falling down around them!

  • promounced uss-uff - is what sailors used to take to sea with them (because they couldnt take their wives or girlfriends). Namely a sewing kit - for making repairs to clothes.


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