• a baby cat! sometimes they cant meow properly yet and they are sooo cute!

  • An baby [cat]. Also known as a [kitty]. They have sharp little claws and teeth and can be nasty sometimes, but they are soft, cute, and totally lovable. Their meow is just precious to hear. Be gentle; kittens are delicate.

    1. An immature cat.
    2. An adorable ball of fur with big eyes that uses its powers of cuteness to manipulate human beings into submission and slavery.
    3. An adorable, yet insane, tiny monster with teeth and claws.

  • kitten (kiten) n.

    A small, sometimes domesticated animal; usually a pet; a member of the cat family, wants to grow up to be a lion, tiger, leopard, etc; thinks the world revolves around her; is probably right.

  • a woman who likes to date men older than her, usually by about 10 years, or more depending on the woman. Also the opposite of a cougar.

  • (n) Term of coolness for a female from the 1950s and still used in [rockabilly] circles.


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