• v., [Pittsburghese] slang. From a Scotch-Irish word for nose.
    To involve oneself in the business of others; to look through someone elses things.

  • 1.Latin: a nose or beak
    2.Slang: Someone who cant keep there nose out of other peoples business [nebbing]
    3.Slang: An annoying spoilt brat
    4.A reversal of the name Ben
    5.Most importantly, an amazing, much loved boy (not a beak...or a nosey person...or a spoilt brat) (also, see [gangsta]), who plays chess like a pro! An amazing drummer, guitarist and everything else he wants to be. Youll see this boy as frontman for some huge band in the future. Eyes peeled, folks.

  • take a look

  • A policeman who isnt a cunt

  • Not even bothered

  • A rare breed, who take pleasure in other peoples pain. Instigators of terror and chaos; one can not stand being around a Neb for more than 5 minutes. Often misunderstood creatures their antics are under appreciated. Tricksters at nature, try not to be fooled into playing a game of monopoly, not many walk away. You will find them shopping on Oxford street or on any selection of railways.

  • A person who has their nose in everyone elses business. A busybody.


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