• An advanced weapon which fires a stream of phased particles.
    Made famous by the finctional TV show Star trek the Phaser was never actually in wide spread use. The Phaser is capable of stunning or killing an oponant or of melting, heating and vapourising objects. In only recorded use of a phaser was when one was fired to stop William Shatner from making another album

  • A musical effect achieved by splitting the incoming signal and changing the phasing of it. The signal is taken in and out of phase and mixed back in with the original signal. As the phasing changes, different frequencies get canceled resulting in a warm sort of twisting sound.

  • A person who ruins a party by either not participating in a certain activity or leaving earlier than anyone else.
    Someone who ruins fun by not participating in a certain activity even though they were called at 3 a.m. to come out.

  • person who goes through all or most of the subcultures in the world mostly because they havent found themselves yet

  • Someone who switches from scene to scene as they please for fashion and getting laid


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