• A creepy, socially awkward male who dwells in internet cafe-type areas and plays Magick and World of Warcraft continuously with other dwellers. A Dweller is easily recognizable as lonely and desperate for female attention of any kind. They will hit on anything that comes within eyesight. Comparing girls to characters from their favorite anime is a popular pickup line.

  • A person or persons (dwellers) who dwells in a place continually, or always do the same thing, or goto the same places because:

    1. They know that more dwellers will be there, and they wont be on their own.

    2. They are scared to experiment, with new ideas, or visit new places.

  • a friend who hangs onto past events when people have wronged them and mentions the event everytime you see them.

  • One who is on a sports team but plays rarely, if at all. A bench dweller. When many play at once it can be described as dweller ball.

  • A truck driver who lives in his truck.

    More specifically one who isnt as much concerned about the monetary rewards of driving as he / she is about living a Gypsy Trucker Lifestyle.

  • Bald pirate type guy. wheres an eyepatch and a huge wig.like animals alot.


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