• noun : A guy who gets praised because of his great abilities but keeps on denying everything even though its clearly obvious that hes better than most of his colleagues.

  • A smart, caring, nice, person. usually short tempered but will stand up for something he believes in. Athletic, and lazy.

  • Franz is a name commonly associated with the archduke of Austria-Hungary; his death sparked a domino effect into The Great War. A tangled net of allies, wordly growing tensions, and expansionism and imperialistic concepts are the true reason behind the war, but the death of Franz Ferdinand is accredited to starting it.

    Franz is also a common German or Austrian name, usually given to, or used to describe an attractive, highly talented, or suave male, high level of sexuality and sensuality as well.

  • A very nice guy who loves sports. He is very kind, cool, and most of all, handsome! Franz is a very unique name which makes that person out of this world!!!

  • Another word for gay horse

  • A Super Nerd, usually Asian, gets extremely high grades in school, and is extremely athletic. The only thing is, the person is not popular.

  • Alternative german word for Profilneurotiker.


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