• A nickname for a person from Flint, Michigan and also a nickname for a Michigan State Spartans basketball team. Flint is a town that is going nowhere but downhill since the departure of the Buick City plant. Flintstones are normally piece of shit gangsters that will do anything for drugs. Some famous flintsones include Morris Peterson, Charlie Bell, and Mateen Cleaves.

  • When a well known person, celebrity or public figure (locally or nationally) dies of a drug overdose, usually by pain meds and alcohol or a bad mixture of drugs.

  • A term used to describe a soccer ball that is over inflated, and furthermore the act of heading such a ball. Typically dreaded and quite painful on behalf of the recipient.

  • In the sport of surfing world, to stand up on a wave prematurely, therby actually surfing on top of the wave and not in the wave. Usually lasting for a second or two followed by an embarrasing bow out the back.

  • Having to walk or the lack there of a vehicle.
    Having to walk your ass to the store.

  • Flintstone - another word for erection, also for fornicating.

  • Tongue piercing with a barbell. Everybodys got one.

  • The act of messing something up so bad to the point that it can never be fixed, such as a measurement, relationship, etc.


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