• To be right on something or to say i heard you on that one. Usually said as DAMN SKIPPY.

  • a nickname for an australian

  • A mixed alcoholic beverage made of beer, vodka, and country time lemonade. Usually consumed at parties, much like a keg of beer or a bucket of jungle juice.

    30 cans of Beer
    1 handle (750ml) of Vodka
    1 can of Country Time Lemonade mix

  • Any misguided individual who is in blatant denial and/or so completely deluded as to be completely beyond reasoning with. Sometimes used to address just any hapless individual.

  • A [slash] fanfiction pairing, known as SKIPPY. It is [Kevin Jonas] (of the [Jonas Brothers]) and [Mike Carden] (of [The Academy Is...]). The Pairing was made popular, or invented, by author skoosipants on [Livejournal]. Skippy currently has an entire community, with a rather large fanbase, dedicated to them called so damn skippy on Livejournal.

  • lebanese/greek/etc-australian term for anglo-australians. derived from 1970s childrens television program featuring a kangaroo of the same name. may be either merely descriptive or an insult, depending on context. a form of linguistic retaliation against the anglo-australian use of the word wog in reference to immigrants of medeteranian heratige. sometimes shortened to skip.

  • Name of a prominent Australian bush kangaroo popularized in 60s TV adventure show.


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