• A fertility goddess, as from Turkey, Greece and Rome, of wild places. She walks with lions and lends vigour to the natural world.

    Also a Marvel comic superhero - who lives in Colorado, can appear invisible, and is immortal.

    Also the leader of a cult, wherein men castrate themselves before her as an ode to her. At times of imminent defeat, she provides the power and stamina to overcome and to let loose the boundless energy of the universe.

    Like the movie that bears her name, she is independent-spirited but has wonderful relationships with men who support her in her goals.

  • A rare name for a female. A Greek nature goddess, artistic, curious, kind and nurturing.

  • Cybele is a very unique, pretty, and fit female. She is usually super chill but can sometimes become flustered in certain situations. She may appear to somewhat of a scatterbrain but is actually a really gifted individual that excels in whatever field she sets her mind to be it academics, music, or sports.


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