• The sort of person who at a party whilst alone on a landing might flash about their small dick

  • Yeah, whatever, its my last name. So what? Its not like true or anything. And no! I dont get splinters or do I know what type of wood is it. Jeeze! Give me a break. Everyone has made fun of it since grade 5. Kids can be so cruel. But I have to admit thanks to my last name I am a little more popular, thanks!

  • 1.One that criticizes in a unconstructive manner
    2.An asshole; a dick; prick

  • A shorebird that lives in forests, the American Woodcock is most frequently encountered at dusk when the males chirping, peenting aerial displays attract attention. Otherwise the superbly camouflaged bird is difficult to discover on the forest floor where it probes for earthworms.

    Cool Fact:
    The male American Woodcock gives no parental care, but continues to display long after most females have laid eggs. Some males display at several, widely separated singing grounds and will mate with several females. A female may visit four or more singing grounds before nesting, and she may keep visiting even when she is caring for her young.

  • A mixed breed of peacocks and woodpeckers.

    1. Winner

    2. A man with an unusually large and hard penis

    3. A bird (get your mind out of the gutter) that walks slowly along the forest floor, probing the soil with its long bill in search of earthworms. Unlike its coastal relatives, this plump little shorebird lives in young forests and shrubby old fields across eastern North America.

  • Someone who gives inappropriate sex advice to underage kids.

  • The last name of an alias used when checking into a seedy hotel. The first name of the Alias is usually Richard

    1. A person who makes racket at the slightest provocation, is easily excitable and pulls a variety of silly faces for little reason.
    2. Getting a splinter in your dick.

  • pretty much a god. a bran d on woodcock is not only great in the sack, but he carries a large pecker to boost. he also is a loving man and will make you laugh your arse off


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