• Used to define not just an individual who plays the sport of lacrosse, but whos personality is shaped by it, meaning he is laid back, chill, and wears: pink, polo shirts with popped collars, checkered or baggy kaki shorts, ripped jeans and flipflops or clarks. Usually has shaggy hair, exteame laxers use phrases like Whatcha need brah or Shaa dudsey

  • A man or women who uterly enjoys the sport of lacrosse. Somone who lives for the sport, and all that he or she does is think of the gracefull activity. A laxer lives lax.

  • Real men who play the great sport of lacrosse seriously, and are just straight chill. Your typical laxer will get laid far more often than any other sport players, whether they be real athletes, like lacrosse and hockey players, snowboarders, or runners, all of whom are just as chill. This pertains mostly to baseball players, who go to their sorry excuse for a sport, use no energy and little skill, and try to act tough like they actually play a real mans sport. Laxers are most often criticized by baseball players for having big egos, but they only write this because laxers are way more hip than the queer baseball players because they play an awesome, manly, contact sport, and laxers constantly remind them of that, particularly in front of hot chicks that will ditch a baseball asshole at the first sight of a laxer.

  • A shortened name for lacrosse player.

  • A Awesome guy with the flow and is a beast at lacrosse wears long lax shorts with crazy designs. Girls wear lacrosse short shorts with a high pony plays lacrosse.

  • A bro who is better than everybody else in his own sense. But not really though, he is actually a douche and a faggot.

  • A prep who plays lacrosse. They talk like total douches and wont stfu!

  • An individual that plays the gay sport of lacrosse. They have extremely big egos, are wannabe ghetto, and think they are better then everyone around them. They twirl their lacrosse sticks around town like they run the town, but everyone hates them besides their cult of laxers. Pretty much they are preppy fags that think they are so ghetto, and think they are better then everyone around them.


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