• one that is among the largest or most powerful of its kind

  • Meaning approximatly fear(s) nothing, the word first came into use as a name for a class of large (sail) ships, dominant during the early 20:th century. The word has often appeared (occationally with slight difference in spelling, e.g. Dreadnaught).

    Examples of modernised usage include (different, fictional) classes of ships, especially spacecraft within various sci-fi franchises, Spacemarine Dreadnoughts from GW:s Warhammer 40K franchise (sarcophagus-like warmachines which hold the remains of fallen, near-incapacitated heroes of the Imperium) and a guitar body. The word also commonly appears as a synonym for just about anything big or, in some cases, strong, impressive of awe-inspiring.

  • A heavily armed sarcophagus of one of the Imperiums finest warriors.

  • Stool of mammoth and painful proportions.. even bigger than a (dead otter)

  • A [turd] of gargantuan proportions.

  • An amazing male, whom is very sweet, kind, and loveable. Your best friend, and mentor... That guy you just want to hug and hug and hug forever... That guy you love like a brother... maybe as more, though. Someone who will never laugh at you, and will make you feel as if youre the only person alive that matters... That loves you fully, but let would let you go out with his best friend, because hes just that kind of guy... Even though you eventually end up being with him.


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