Hobby horse

    Hobby horse

  • (hä-bē-ˌhȯrs)

    1. A toy horse, usually comprised of a figure of a horses head attached to a stick.

    2. A toy horse that, via various mechanics, stimulate the riding of a horse through rocking.

    (Etymology I- Derived possibly from the Obby Oss, an English folk tradition wherein Morris Dancers dress as horses, which, in itself, is probably derived from the IRISH HOBBY, a breed of horse, now extinct, that the Obby Oss was probably made to resemble)


    1. A favourite topic.

    (Possibly from Lawrence Sternes Tristram Shandy, who uses it, quite frequently, in the third sense)


    1. A female of loose virtue and even looser undergarments, a woman who is easy to get, a lady who uses sex as a means of earning legal tender. See Prostitute, loose woman, and strumpet.

    (Derived from def. I, a toy horse, she can be ridden by all)

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    Hobby horse

  • A large, thick dick (resembles a Horse Cock) [Hobby Ho]

  • Hobby horse

  • To ride someones ass, to bully or intimidate with power; To bugger your subordinates

  • Hobby horse

  • This act includes, but is not limited to the following:

    1.) (v) Hiding the salami.
    2.) (v) Having your head in your boyfriends ass.
    3.) (n) tucking your balls in your ass, or the ass of a stranger, or cellmate.

  • Hobby horse

  • when you stick panties in a girls ass (like a horse tail) and use another pair around her neck like reins (for choking) and then go at it doggy style.


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