• Ghibli or Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation film studio, and previously was a subsidiary of Tokuma Shoten. It is a kind of realistic Anime that is often mistaken by many people, Anime-fans and not, as Childish kiddy Anime, which is highly untrue. Its provocative and emotional anime films are widely praised all over the world. The companys logo features the character Totoro from the film My Neighbor Totoro.

    Over the years, there has been a close relationship between Studio Ghibli and the magazine Animage, which regularly runs exclusive articles about the studio and its members in a section titled Ghibli Notes. Artwork from Ghiblis films and other works frequently graces the cover of the magazine.

    The most famous and lauded film from the studio that was not directed by Miyazaki is Grave of the Fireflies, directed by Isao Takahata, a sad film focusing on the lives of two war orphans towards the end of Second World War in Japan. Tokuma is the parent company of Studio Ghibli, and has provided Disney with the video rights to eight of the films and global distribution rights to Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Miyazakis latest film, Howls Moving Castle.

    The works of studio Ghibli has captivated the hearts of Adults, kids, and teens, all over the world.

  • Strong middle-eastern desert wind. Also the name of one of the two (along with Pixar) finest animation studios on the planet.

  • An individual who outwardly gives the impression of [lux] and wealth but who is actually [cheap] and [hollow] at heart.

    This term is an allusion to the Maserati Ghibli, an automobile that seems high class because of its branding but actually has a very cheap quality interior for its price level.


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