• quite simply, Friend Of Girl... a guy who simply can not seal the deal with the ladies, or one who tries to be friends first and then develop the relationship but fails in the latter.

  • Fucking Outrageous Girls

  • fresh out of grade school. Basically, a grade nine, or when someone acts immature. It is interchangeable with the term niner only FOG is more fun to say...

  • Acronym for father of the groom in a wedding.

  • Medical Office Acronym. Standing for: Front Office Gal. A more Generic term for a woman working in the front desk, receptionist, scheduler position.

  • A derogatory term used towards an Alabama fan who only cares about football. A Football Only Gump, or FOG.

  • 1- The cumulative collection of three (3) or more people using Vaper devices, including but not limited to E-Cigarettes or Electronic cigarettes.

    2- A collection of 19 to 20 something year olds that wear fedora hats and stand together to practice vape tricks or are constantly saying to each other vape me out bro. You may also find this group particularly giggly as they practice blowing ohs and tell inside jokes about their vape journey. They can also be seen arguing about who has the nicer dragon button down shirt from the local skate/surf/trend store.


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