• one sexy individual
    someone that ooses sex apeal. an extremely wanted person

  • the most amazing guy i have ever met, he always knows how to make me smile and just talking to him makes my day better. i want to be with him forever! he is indescribable in everyway and i couldnt ask for anyone better. i love you so much!

  • Cooper: A person (Male or Female) who is the sexiest person alive. A Cooper always has enough sexyness for the entire world. A Cooper is so sexy that they sometimes have sex overloads and explode with sexyness.

  • One characterized as having a charming deep voice, a charismatic personality, and weilding an exceptionally large penis.

  • To give a cooper is to be sitting in the front seat of a car while feeling up someone in the backseat of the car. Preferably while their best friend is driving.

  • An unusually beautiful, short, and super cute young female.

  • A barrel Maker
    Cooper - n. - a person whose work is making or repairing barrels and casks (Webster New World Dictionary). Cooperage, from same source indicates it is the workshop of or work done by a Cooper.

  • An overly confident male, known for his fratboy antics, and general rudeness to everyone he views below him. Tends to dress as a prep


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